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We Combine Facebook Ads With Omni-channel Funnels

In the Last 12 Months We Have Spent Over 4+ Million Dollars Profitably on Facebook and Instagram Ads, Combining Them With Email Funnels, Chatbots, SMS and Multi-channel Retargeting to Achieve Growth and Revenues Clients Only Have Dreamed About…

What Makes AdKings the Best Choice?

Simple - we offer 10X more value! We don't do just Facebook Ads, we take care of all that is actually needed for a business to grow exponentially and be successful in high competition environment! All the additional value we give for FREE other agencies easily would charge 5000$-10 000$ per month!

Unparalleled Personalized Attention For Your Business

Did you know that in average agency one advertiser manages as many as 6-10 businesses at the same time? We on another hand cap our advertiser to a max of 4 businesses enabling them to give much more time and often bring better results soo much quicker!

Full Ads Specialized Design Team Included

Creating a well-performing ad is hard. You have to be a master of psychology, color science, emotional triggers, social proof, urgency, call to actions, not to mention actual good video and photo editing skills. We have a full, specialized team that takes care of that for our clients!

Conversion Rate Optimization Guidance Included

If you are not having at least 2-2.5% conversion rate, it's quite unlikely you will succeed. Competition is just too fierce. CPC's are too expensive. We not only take care of ads, but also guide you to optimize your website to convert as many visitors as possible.

Average Order Value Optimization Guidance Included

Did you know that by simply spending 1h and setting up post-purchase upsells you can immediately increase your revenue by ~20% without pretty much no additional expenses? AOV improvement is a big part that is often overlooked and helps to drastically improve your store revenue!

Full Omni-channel Funnel Building Guidance Included

Real ROI is in client lifetime value and maximization of it utilizing omni-channel funnels. A business can on average add +50% to their ROAS by properly implementing Emails, SMS, Chatbots, Youtube Ads, Snapchat Funnel which gives them an unfair edge against their competitors.

Full A+ Team Tackling Your Business Problems

The decisions on how to grow and scale your business and your ads accounts are not made by just one person in our team. Our whole team regularly organizes meetings and chips-in ideas on how to create the maximum ROI for you! 

79% Of Our Clients at Least 2X Their Sales! Want to Know What We Could Do For Your Business?

Secure your FREE 45-min Analysis call with one of our co-founders - Justin. He will take a look at your business, it's problems, opportunities and will give you actionable and valuable suggestions on how it could be grown and improved!


$28 000 to $187 000 per Month Growth in Just 60 Days!


668% Growth in Just 60 Days With ROAS 3.1!

Rapid growth and scaling of the clothing business that netter a total ROAS of 3.1! 60 days consisted of the testing phase, scaling phase and running at optimal ROAS/Scale phase.

Doubling Average Order Value!

Implemented a sophisticated pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells funnel which resulted in average order value doubling within an hour of implementation!

Utilization of Advances Programmatic Advertising

Utilized an advanced programmatic advertising method to micromanage ads via out pre-programmed rules every 15-minutes 24/7, enabling us to react to even the smallest changes in Facebook Ads Auction System and Algorithm. 


$27 000 to $147 000 per Month Growth in Just 60 Days!

Staggering 541% Business Growth in Just 60 Days!

At the same time maintaining an amazing full funnel ROAS of 3.4! Increasing overall brand traffic by 451% and at the same time increasing sales at the Amazon Store.

Breakthrough After Two Years Stuck At the Same Revenue!

Successful breakthrough in business revenue after two years being stuck at the same revenue. Additionally creating a new channel for sales, increasing overall business stability.

Screenshot_11 Optimized-min

Ever Wondered if You Are Losing Money Right NOW on Missed Opportunities?

Secure your FREE 45-min Analysis call with one of our co-founders - Justin. He will take a look at your business, it's problems, opportunities and will give you actionable and valuable suggestions on how it could be grown and improved!

Other Results We Have Achieved!

Hear What Clients Have to Say About Us!

If you are still debating whatever to hit us up, watch what our clients have to say about their experience with working with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that people ask us most often. Have a question that is not here? Contact us -


In our agency, we believe that we need to put everything we can to make clients business as successful as possible.

Currently, competition in the market is super fierce and to win in it we believe what is needed is extremely personalized attention - taking the full 360-degree hands-on approach by making changes not only to the ads but a full sales funnel.

The goal is to maximize average order value, conversion rate, and existing client’s life-time value, also it's necessary to have an edge in marketing creatives and angles used!

This is why we are not just focusing on doing just Facebook Ads, but take over your full funnel. So our usual service package involves:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Conversion and AOV Optimization Guidance
  • Business Development Guidance
  • Full Video and Designs Creative Team
  • Weekly Internal Team Meeting Where Everybody is Strategist How to Grow Your Business!
  • An Advertiser Who Is Working Only With <4 Businesses (in a majority of the agencies people are forced to work with 6-10 businesses at the same time and being unable to provide needed attention and care for really making the business successful.)

We offer full ecommerce services needed for fluent omni-channel funnels creation:


  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Adwords
  • Youtube Ads
  • Snap chat Ads
  • Sales Funnels Creation
  • Emails and LTV Maximization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Average Cart Value Optimization

Usually, when working with clients start with Facebook and Instagram Ads as an initial step and as we progress we add on all the other needed elements and channels to create a crushing omnichannel sales funnel for the client that generates much higher ROAS than the usual approach.

To create the lowest risk, cost-efficient way for new clients to see what results they can expect from Facebook ads and whatever they would be profitable, we have created a TESTING Package that involves initial 4 weeks of work, few videos made by our designers and our lead strategist and account managers time.

In this period of time our goal is simple - minimize your expenses and figure out if Cold Audiences are going to perform up to par and to start at least to breakeven. If they do, you can be sure that with additional tweaking and remarketing your business can be profitable.

Our TESTING Package Contains:

  • No Long-term Contract
  • Minimal Investment
  • 4 Weeks of Our Team Work on Testing Cold Audiences to Gauge Your Business Potential
  • Our Creative Teams Time
  • Our Lead Strategist Time

Price for it is 1500$ (this just covers our teams and designers time cost) and 2000-3000$ for testing. (<40$ products can get away with 2000$, 40$+ would need 3000$)


Yes, for that purpose we do have a full dedicated designers team who are pros at creating ads specialized visual and video creative's!

All you need to do is provide us with your current pictures and video footage you have and we will work our magic.

In case you do not already have any footage made, we will connect you with somebody who can help!


Due to the amount of attention we give to each client, we are capping our on-boarding to just 4 new clients every month.

Naturally, we want to select the best clients to work with, whom we could provide the biggest value with our time.

Majority of these businesses falls into this category:

  • 20 000$+ in monthly sales
  • Has a team or is creating it
  • Has an ability to 5X its sales in the next 90 days

In case you are not meeting some of these criteria, still, feel free to book a call, we will discuss your case live and see what potential it has to grow!


This free analysis call will be ~30-min in length with one of AdKings co-founder's Justin.

The goal will be to do an analysis of your biggest bottlenecks that stop your eCommerce business from growing whatever it's in ads, creative's, funnel's, CRO, overall business strategy or the product itself and give you actionable suggestions how to breakthrough to the next level!

If we see that there is a potential to really make the big gains, we might even offer to do a more detailed analysis with our whole team.


We won't try to hard-sell you or anything, but in case you will be interested in working with us, we can also discuss and answer all the questions that you have about that.

We normally price our strategy calls at 997$/h, so you are getting close to a 500$ in FREE value here!

Due to this each month we can only give out a very limited number of FREE calls, so we highly suggest to book yours as quick as possible.

Want to Work With Us or Have Some Questions?

Contact us via email or just simply book a Contact Call or Analysis Call with one of our Co-founders Justin.