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Client Story:

“My eCommerce business future was held hostage by my lack of time and my marketing teams' lack of skills and experience.

Our growth was slowing down and we were starting to stagnate. We saw advertising returns dropping month-to-month and scale hitting an invisible wall that we weren't able to break no matter what we tried.

Whenever we would try to increase the ad spends, returns would drop, and we would become unprofitable.

This is where I knew that something has to change and with the right help we could really hit our yearly goal of $6.5M, and then reach $35M in 2 years' time. But hiring freelancers, in-house people, or even typical agencies failed to produce results. They cost us a lot of money and never failed to disappoint.

That’s until we partnered up with AdKings Agency. They came in not only with the newest marketing tactics but with exactly what we needed - a whole new sales funnel and omnichannel growth strategy that completely changed the game for us...”

- Jack Smith @ Founder of Jackals

Did you know that #2 most popular reason for eCommerce businesses FAILING is a slowdown or stagnation in growth for more than 6 months?

6 months… That’s all it takes to allow fast-scaling competitors and copycats to ruthlessly enter the market improve on your messaging and advertising, steal your customers, and inflate your customer acquisition cost.

If your growth is slowing down or you feel like you could grow way faster the WORST thing you can do is to rely on inexperienced people to get you out of this trough. A mere six months of stagnation is enough to bring your entire business to a screeching halt, so it’s time to seriously evaluate your marketing and take bold, decisive action.

Relying on yourself, inexperienced freelancers, an internal team that lacks new ideas, or flaky agencies that don't treat your business as a top priority is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

If you feel like your business is NOT growing as fast as it could or is even stagnating and experiencing a slowdown, then...

Managing ads yourself, hiring freelancers, relying on your in-house team, or bringing on a typical agency WON’T be enough to get over the slump for long and to really propel your business to the 8 or even 9 figure level.

It takes a completely different approach...

Most likely you've already tried:

Managing your own Facebook Ads, AdWords, Emails, Website Optimizations or other marketing channels only to realize...

That as a business owner you simply don’t have enough time to keep up with the fast paced market and all the newest cutting-edge marketing techniques you need to stay relevant. Seeing your scale stagnate or even worse - drop down.

Hiring a freelancer only to find out that they do only one thing and what they make per hour is directly correlated with how little hours they spend on your project.

Often leaving you to worry about making big changes to your website, organizing video shoots for ads or even asking you to edit your ads yourself.

Hiring an in-house marketer or a team only to first realize that it’s insanely hard to hire the right person, and that you often need multiple people to make it work.

Different channels Ad Buyers, Copywriters, Video Producers, Video Editors and on top of that you still have to manage it all.

Costing you way more than expected and often failing at the most important thing - staying relevant in one of the fastest-evolving and most competitive markets for more than a few months.

Hiring a typical agency that promises the world only to get badly burned… In the end seeing them focusing more on inflating their own one “marketing channel” performance, than real results - your business growth & profit in your pocket.

Seeing that their “new ideas and innovations” don’t move the needle, leaving you feeling frustrated and out of options; causing you to second guess the viability of your business and wonder if you’ll even make it.

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This is our solution.

This is why Boutique AdKings Agency was born and the unique eCommerce Growth Agency / Strategic Partners Approach.

Fact #1:

Last year we generated over $45M in revenue & spent over $18M for just 9 of our clients.

Fact #2:

Average clients grow 2.8x in 3 months and 6.2x in 12 months of starting to work with us.

Fact #3:

On average, 72% of our clients reach mid 7-figures, and 21% reach at least 8-figures in annual revenue.


Hi, my name is Darius, I’m the co-founder of AdKings Agency.

We’re a boutique, eCommerce specialized Facebook Ads & Omni-channels funnels eCommerce Growth Agency that exclusively works with a small, highly selected portfolio of clients, helping them to grow their businesses to 8, or even 9-figures per year.

Have you ever thought about what separates eCommerce businesses that make $30M-$50M+ vs the ones stuck at 7 or low 8-figures?

It’s perspective.

Lower-tier businesses treat their marketing channels as separate activities (just like a typical agency).

Big businesses don’t care about specific channel metrics, instead, they look at the whole funnel, ROAS, and net profit in the bank at the end of the month.

This allows them to tap into much more advanced strategies and simply be more aggressive with their customer acquisition; sometimes losing money on the frontend, only to rake in profits on the backend via retargeting, omni-channel marketing, and massive improvements in Lifetime Value and repeat sales.

It's the same with us. Our main KPI’s are your business growth & profit. Not vanity metrics.

We act more like your outsourced CMO & marketing department in one, with a hard-hitting line of services that extend widely beyond what’s considered “normal”.

We don’t just “babysit” your marketing efforts. We radically coach brands like yours on an elite-level strategy that includes branding, positioning, and merchandising so you cut through the market with messaging and positioning that lights your prospects up like a Christmas tree.

We perform rapid, radical growth-hacking tests and fully revamp your sales funnel with one key goal; RESULTS.

It’s exactly what you need for growth.


Everest eCommerce Growth Framework™

Why Facebook Ads, Omnichannel Funnels & Growth-hacking Combination is Our Answer to Sustainable, Rapid Growth?

We believe that in the current market, this is one of the most efficient ways to scale an eCommerce business. We combine rapid scale and sustainability via healthy profit margins.

Here’s a quick overview of our proprietary Everest eCommerce Growth Framework. It’s the embodiment of the strategy we employ and is responsible for generating our 9 clients over $45M in sales last year from just $18M in Ad Spend.

This formula generated over $45M+ in sales & $18M+ ad spend for 9 of our clients in the last year alone:

Website 1

Facebook Ads for Acquisition

Let’s start with Facebook Ads. It’s our main acquisition channel for a reason.

It has unparalleled scaling potential, with some of our clients spending up to $100,000 a day, resulting in tens of millions of impressions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each day.

In our growth framework, Facebook ads act as the main growth driver, easily scaling you to $5M-$20M a year just by itself.

But as you know, due to high competition and its inherent nature, Facebook ads suffer from one fatal flaw - low ROAS (return-on-ad-spend).

Only 3-5% of the people that see your ad on Facebook will make an immediate purchase. That means that you’re wasting 97% of your true potential, maybe even more when you take into account the tens of millions of impressions and brand lift that Facebook ads generate.

Omnichannel Funnels to Support

Where the magic happens is when you start to leverage the attention you’re getting with Facebook Ads via other channels. Thus creating a high-converting, omnichannel funnel for your customers to go through.

Adding in Youtube Ads, AdWords, Native Ads, Snapchat, Emails, and SMS to extract every single bit of the value out of the traffic you get creates an avalanche of prequalified, presold web visitors that are primed to buy.

When you leverage emails & SMS to incentivize repeated orders, you instantly boost the lifetime value of a customer, opening a whole new world of profitability when you focus on LTV rather than just looking at short-term metrics like cost-per-click and click-through rate.

Done correctly, you can see a 3X-5X return on ad spend that dwarfs what you would have done with Facebook alone because each channel amplifies the traction you’ve built with Facebook ads, supercharging your results and blowing your competition out of the water.

You’ll be able to profitably acquire customers much more aggressively, creating a loop and giving you an edge that your competitors just won’t be able to keep up with.

Growth-hacking to Revolutionize

What if you could make a small tweak to your sales funnel and suddenly boost your average order value, going from $50 per order to $80?

What if a new landing page could improve your conversion rate by +40%?

What if you re-engineered your offer so that customers happily bought 2 items instead of just 1?

How would that affect your business?

In our experience, just one of these tweaks could double your business overnight.
But, these elusive breakthroughs are hard to find, often requiring 20, 50, or even 100's of tries to just find one that works.

They require an inquisitive, aggressive, growth-hacking mindset to rapidly test radical marketing strategies - allowing you to discover innovative marketing angles that resonate with your customers, leaving your competitors in the dust. You quickly learn what works - and what doesn’t.

This process is something that only 1 in 1000 businesses actually do. But if there is one common trend among the elusive few that do - it's that they’re growing many times faster than the market.

Our partnership model.

Why We’re So Selective About Whom We Work With & How Partnership Model Works:

DSCF0316 v2

We’re a boutique agency, currently working with a highly selected small circle of clients. For our business model, big expansion is not possible.

This is because it takes a tremendous amount of effort and personalization to get the results that we get for our clients.

Doing this at scale simply would not provide the same results.

To take it a step further. We use a fixed price + revenue share pricing approach, which is best for both sides. This means if we’ve managed to grow you, we get a part of that victory and if we fail, we take the losses together. And in some cases, we are even open to investing in our client's businesses, completely aligning our goals.

And this is why we're so picky with whom we work with. If we can’t get results - we usually refuse to work with these businesses.

This is why you can always count on us being honest with you.

Our partnership model.

Here is What Our Partners Has to Say.

What we are looking in potential partners.

Are We a Good Fit?

Due to the fact that we’re a boutique agency. We are looking to work with businesses that are a good fit for us and have high growth potential.

Question #1:

Does your business currently make at least $50 000+ or more in monthly revenue?

Question #2:

Are you able to handle at least 300-500%+ growth in the next 6 months?

Question #3:

Do you understand importance of investment and are ready for fast tempo testing & scaling?

The big question.

What Does Working Together Looks Like?


STEP 1: Discovery Call With Us

The first step in working with us is booking a Discovery Call. During this call we dive deeper into your business situation, evaluate your readiness to scale, your business backend, positioning in the market, problems you’re facing, and make sure we can help to solve them and deliver long-term sustainable growth and scale.

STEP 2: Our New Clients Selection Process

At the second step we do an in-depth analysis of your business, evaluate its current situation and growth potential for the next year. Then we do internal voting, picking out the best businesses to partner up with for the next period.

STEP 3: 5 Weeks of Facebook Ads Testing & Trial Engagement

If everything is right and we decide to partner up in 80%-90% of the cases we start with a preliminary 5-week engagement. During this time, we work with only primary customer acquisition channels - Facebook Ads and performing market and consumer research focused on the Facebook Ads channel. (With some exceptions to bigger, strongly established businesses in a good situation to immediately jump into scaling mode.)
There are two goals here:

The First Goal: Is to minimize risks, expenses and to create a cost-efficient way for us and a new partner to see potential with Facebook Ads. In this time we can give 100% of our attention to the toughest channel - Facebook Ads. We collect all the needed data to determine performance levels we can expect in the coming months and then decide if we want to proceed to STEP 4.

In this period we only charge a fixed $4500 just to cover our delivery costs without any long-term contracts and us not aiming to make any profit.

Second Goal: This is to minimize the risks for both sides. We understand that a lot of you have been burned by other agencies, long contracts, people who vanish for weeks or simply do not know what they are doing. On the other side, we also have been burned by the wrong clients.

In this time you will get to see how we work, how we communicate, and the kindresults we can deliver. At the same time, we can also vet the partners to make sure we match well and can focus on investing a lot of our time into the long-term potential of your business.

STEP 4: Growth Strategy Preparation & Long-Term Cooperation Decision Point

After we collect data and determine performance levels we expect to see, we evaluate our match as partners. Then, we can all move forward and reach a mutual agreement on whether to proceed to the next, more serious stage where we are taking over omnichannel marketing management of Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email, and SMS Marketing and delve deep into our "Everest" Growth Framework and create next 6-12 months growth plan.

Ready to book a discovery call?

Here is All That You'll Get During Your Discovery Call With Us

We will take a look at the state of your current advertising campaigns and provide actionable recommendations.

We will take a look at your current situation and diagnose the biggest bottlenecks stopping you from growing to the next level.

We will answer the question - can your business scale and are we the right people to work together on it?

And much, much more…

We're currently taking in Applications & Discovery Calls for the next clients onboarding round in June/July.

* Please submit an application ASAP as a few available spots we have are getting reserved as soon as we find a suitable candidate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Want to partner up with us in growing your eCommerce business to the next level?

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