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Job Position at AdKings Agency

Senior PPC Manager

Your superpower is leveraging the power of search engines like Google to help businesses reach potential customers at the right time and right place with the right ads? Staying on top of the latest algorithm changes, trends, tactics, and strategies in the eCommerce industry (before your morning coffee)? We need you as a KEY member in our fast-growing remote team, on a mission to scale eCommerce brands to 7, 8, and 9 figures.

What You Will Be Doing

Running Google ads for DTC eCommerce brands with budgets starting from $30k+/month

Manage, review, and perform daily account responsibilities associated with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing for a variety of clients

Actively work on ads optimization activities for paid search, display, and shopping campaigns

Analyze competitors, research, and provide creative copy suggestions and graphical ad templates

Continuously identifying and implement new innovations that could help to reach breakthroughs in results

Provide oversight, manage, and be able to generate weekly/monthly internal and client reporting for all primary metrics, goals tracking, revenue tracking, and other paid search initiatives

Provide oversight and work closely with the other team members to meet client goals

Prioritizing your tasks, proactively tracking the progress, and solving any red flags for issues that affect the execution

Coming up with new ways to improve internal operations like creating new structures or SOPs

About You

Excellent English skills (written and verbal)

You have proven 3+ years experience in managing SEM, PPC for eCommerce or SaaS projects

You have managed medium to large scale ($100k+/month) accounts in different business verticals

Experience working with popular PPC ad platforms like Google AdWords, Bing, etc. (YouTube ads is a bonus!)

Well experienced with Google Analytics, MC, Data Studio, and other tools needed for work

Experience with leading the account setup for platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce

You are organized & can meet deadlines reliably

Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously

Have project management skills and experience with tools like Asana, Trello, ClickUp, or similar softwares

A natural Growth Hacker interested in challenges, effectiveness, finding new undiscovered ways

Self-learner personality and somebody who is able to adapt fast according to feedback

You are good at reading data, analyzing it, and creating data-based decisions

A team player with high motivation, ambition, and solution-oriented attitude

A driven, proactive individual interested in self-improvement, reading books, consuming content, and aiming to become the better version of yourself

Ready for perks?

What We're Offering

Working With Established eCommerce Businesses

Working with eCommerce businesses in 7 & 8-figures range with an ability and ambitions to grow.

Remote Work Position

Ability to travel and do whatever you want as long as you meet the deadlines and create the intended results.

Interesting & Challenging Projects

Growth oriented environment where you will impact clients' business strategy and all their marketing efforts.

Supportive Management that Allows Freedom

We hire smart and proficient people, therefore we give them freedom to do what they think is best.

Focus on What You Love and Freelancing Problems

Forget typical freelancing problems like sales, managing clients, being the only person who has to do everything.

Competitive payment structure Fix + Bonuses

Payment is set according to the market standards. We rewarded hard work and we love sharing our wins with the team.

Great "Self-Improvers" Team Culture

Top-notch team who loves personal development, books, courses, mind hacking, biohacking & all the other crazy things.

Let us answer some questions you might have.

About AdKings Agency & the Team

This is what our team is saying.

Employee Reviews on Glassdoor 5/5

"My experience with AdKings Agency was amazing!"

Former Employee - Facebook Ad Buyer

I worked at AdKings Agency and I was really amazed by how organized & detail-oriented the founders are. I have learned a lot about e-commerce which is their area of expertise. What I really loved about the owners is that they face new challenges with ease and they always tend to put their clients first! I've seen them manage, scale & optimize clients to 8 figures without a problem ! The team culture is also great, we shared a lot of knowledge together and we even had calls specifically to share the golden nuggets that each one of us found during the week. Read More...

"Amazing opportunity for growth - both for personal & business life"

Current Contractor - Senior eCommerce Growth Expert

I'm having a great time working at Adkings Agency mainly because the company values align so closely with my own core values. The work is challenging but in a good way and Justin & Darius are guiding the team very well in this ever-changing industry. Because of the company values it seems like the agency attracts similar minded people and despite the team being from all over the world we seem to have quite a bit in common. Read More...

"Awesome place to work at, great team culture"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee

I’m currently working at AdKings Agency full time, and one of the best things I enjoy is driven and supportive management. They actually care about their people, put their well-being as a priority and are always looking for new ways to improve themselves and a business. It’s quite refreshing to see CEO’s that ask for criticism and feedback on things in agency and their actions. They listen to your opinion and allow you to make important decisions. Read More...

"A life-changing opportunity!"

Former Employee - Facebook Ad Buyer


- Support & guidance from founders that truly care - Work with high quality e-commerce brands - Acquire abundant e-commerce knowledge - Belong to a culture that inspires success


I think Adkings has a great company culture. I can't highlight any issues. Read more...

"Excellent On Many Levels"

Former Employee - Senior E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Although I haven't worked at AdKings agency for a long period of time, I believe, I got to know the ins and outs pretty well. I would say that this agency has a truly high standard of operations, their know-how is something that is not something you can find on YouTube in a matter of few clicks and the team is made up of hard working, honest, responsible and great people. Inside the company, employees have a lot of freedom to complete tasks in the way convenient to them, the management is supportive, has a lot of experience in Read more...

We’re A-level challengers pursuing limitless growth, self-improvement & seeking to create an impact in the world.

We do not think about eCommerce growth as a collection of separate channels activities, but as a synchronized omnichannel strategy result.

We're a boutique eCommerce Facebook Ads growth agency that combines Facebook Ads with Conversion Rate Optimization, Funnels Building, and Customers Lifetime Value Maximization Activities.

Currently, we are a team of around 10 top-notch driven full-time people and a few part-timers. Now ready for our next stage of growth. We're planning to jump up to 20 people, it's a good time to join the agency and unleash it's potential.

We are creating a fun and challenging atmosphere. Team challenges like Wim Hof breathing and cold ice baths, personal quarter projects where everybody can chip-in into the agency's growth and fun team retreats. 

AdKings Vision - Be the first choice partner to eCommerce entrepreneurs who strive to challenge the status quo and conquer their biggest dreams.

We live by these 6 values. All of these were developed by our team and we strogly believe in those:

  • Limitless Growth
  • Next level team experience
  • Extreme ownership
  • Impact 360
  • Team of A players
  • Commitment to client success

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