"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 8

Kilian Markert - Hacking Human Performance: Limiting Beliefs, Energy Hacks & Dealing With Stress

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Today we will be interviewing - Kilian Markert

He is a go-to high-performance coach helping business owners scale to new heights without neglecting themselves, their health, and their performance.

If you are a business owner looking to become more efficient and to scale your business while still maintaining sanity, and being on top of your game, you’ve come to the right place.

In this episode, we will be talking about having the right mindset, energy & time management, establishing healthy habits, proper work environment, and how all these play an essential role in a person’s overall productivity.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:03] Realizing his passion for personal development, then using that passion for building a business helping people. Capitalize on your strength!
[02:49] From life coaching to consulting, and the advantage of doing a mixture of both.
[04:59] What are the most common limiting beliefs that business owners have? You might be surprised at what the top one is!
[07:56] Identifying limiting beliefs by keeping track of your actions and knowing the difference between inspiration and desperation.
[12:28] How limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in the subconscious level of a person. It's time to replace old habits with better ones!
[17:15] How do you deal with external and internal expectations? Understanding the deeper reasons for your tendencies.
[18:53] When you have a problem waking up early in the morning, it's usually because you failed the evening before.
[21:52] What's the biggest energy and productivity booster? It's not sexy, but it's super effective!
[23:11] Treating your body as a vehicle for your performance. Make sure you care for it well.
[25:19] How limiting your intake of sugar helps you achieve a better gut biome. Fixing the deficiencies in your body through healthy food choices.
[28:52] An interesting way to eat potatoes without absorbing the starchy carbs.
[30:19] The harmful effects of sitting for hours. Getting a standing desk really helps!
[33:32] Starting your day in a proactive state versus a reactive state. You have to protect your attention.
[37:26] How to manage your time effectively when you have a lot on your plate?
[41:03] Splitting your work hours and allocating portions of that time for different types of work or tasks.

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