"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 6

Deividas Mikocionis - How to Crush During BFCM: Pre-buying Traffic, Simplifying Offers & Live Streaming

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Join Darius Kunca and Deividas Mikocionis talk about how to crush during BFCM.

Deividas Mikocionis is a B2B Relationship Builder, Growth Hacker, and Senior eCommerce Strategist at Sugatan Agency, responsible for scaling 3 eCommerce brands to the 8-figure range.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about his BFCM preparation strategy, crafting killer offers, and the marketing strategies to employ during BFCM days. Stay tuned!

“My strategy is to always keep it dumb and simple. When you make it more complicated, something will mess up” – Deividas Mikocionis on creating Black Friday offers.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:18] Deividas shares about their plan of going more aggressively with SMS and adding live shopping campaigns to their whole strategy this year.
[3:29] How their pre-Black Friday strategy helped their BFCM sales.
[5:41] Adding a “bait” during live shopping and using the Livescale.tv streaming platform for this campaign.
[8:07] How to keep your BFCM strategies simple.
[11:07] Why the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" offer is so popular with customers.
[12:27] The role of psychology and economics in crafting irresistible offers.
[13:40] Using dedicated landing pages for BFCM tends to over complicate things.
[16:58] Darius and Deividas discuss the different platforms to run traffic from.
[19:59] Running pre-sale campaigns using VYPER.IO software.
[22:12] How many creatives are needed for Black Friday?
[23:47] You need to figure out how to increase the signups on the SMS and how to get as many emails before the Black Friday as possible.
[26:03] The eCommerce growth hacks group by Sugatan and their article on Influencer Marketing.

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