"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 5

Magnus Jern - How to Combine PR with Paid Advertising to Supercharge eCommerce Growth

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Today we will be interviewing - Magnus Jern

He is a founder/co-founder of 7 companies, a pioneer and thought leader in mobile apps, clean water technology, innovation and human centric design.

Currently Magnus is a chairman of TAPP Water, a European company, that empowers ordinary people to easily get clean and healthy water straight from their tap.

In this Episode we will be talking about how to implement PR in your marketing strategy and how PR supported by paid advertising is much better than advertising alone.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:11] Starting a life with computers. From passion to business!
[02:23] Someone from software going into hardware. Wanting all people to be able to drink tap water.
[03:13] Looking for problems and finding solutions. Doing new releases every four months based on customer feedback, testing, and R&D.
[05:58] A fun reminder for people to change their cartridges.
[07:36] Being entirely open for creative solutions to solve problems by focusing on outcomes.
[11:10] Launching the first prototype. Don't overcomplicate the process, focus on specific areas, and develop the rest over time.
[13:40] The evolution of the product over time. Small iterations from one detail to another.
[15:20] The value of doing user testing and getting information from surveys.
[16:30] Celebrating the first sale with champagne and hand-delivering the product.
[18:13] Optimizing questions and suggestions on landing pages.
[19:39] Using PR with paid advertising. Always provide new stuff for the media!
[24:54] Budgeting PR versus performance advertising. The ROI of PR versus performance advertising could be up to 10x!
[26:05] Measuring results from PR campaigns. It's a robust process! Outsourcing or in-house?
[31:02] Why is PR crucial for everyone? Does it matter if you get good or bad PR?
[33:19] Bootstrapping a business from zero. You just need to experiment a lot! Be skeptic when getting advice from Facebook.
[37:07] Why completely outsourcing marketing usually doesn't work. Learn the basics yourself!
[38:41] Provide great content yourself, don't let others do it for you!
[39:42] Be a leader, create content, and be patient!

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