"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 4

Robert Sherman, CMO of Iron Neck - Personalized Funnels and Evolving Brand Messaging With Customers’ Own Words

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Today, we will be interviewing - Robert Sherman

He is the CMO of Iron Neck, an Austin (Texas) based company, that develops innovative strength training equipment for sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

Their flagship product, Iron Neck, was first developed in 2012 and re-launched in 2016, in response to the concussion epidemic seen in sports.

Now his products are being used by thousands of pro and casual athletes in the NFL, UFC, F1, International Rugby, martial arts and military. 

And today we will be talking about evolving your products, brand message and marketing while keeping an eye on your customers and using their own words.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:11] Creating a product and refining it through the years. Strengthening your neck muscles because no one thinks of it.
[04:15] The first prototype. Digging into research to the benefits of focusing on the neck.
[05:26] Getting attention from the top early on and approaching with sales through different channels.
[10:32] Putting Google to the side and paying more attention to Facebook. There’s no need to be distracted with too many shiny things!
[12:54] Making progress during COVID, even if sales have slowed down due to the pandemic.
[14:29] People want to see a reflection of themselves when they’re shopping or learning about something new.
[16:15] Having multiple landing pages with different messages. Understand the people that go for your products or services, then cater to their language.
[23:01] How do you find out what your potential customers are thinking of in the first place? From athletes to chiropractors and therapists.
[29:54] Trying to figure out the trend by listening and observing the market.
[31:41] Learning from mistakes with ads and seeing what works.
[34:36] A/B Testing even to small details like button colors! Sometimes you have to go outside of what you think will work.
[38:57] Always be ready to learn from your customers and experts in your space! Make use of social media, conferences, and research papers.
[44:15] Don’t let organic hijack your attention. There’s a need for you to use paid advertising because that’s what the algorithms prefer!
[47:00] Dealing with differing opinions of people. Know that there will be people that think they know everything and hate your brand.
[50:06] Summary of the episode. Understand, listen, and test!

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