"Build to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 3

Eric Bandholz, Founder of BeardBrand.com - Building 1.5M+ Subscribers Youtube Traffic Empire

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Today, we will be interviewing - Eric Bandholz.

He is a founder of Beardbrand.com, a company that sells high-quality beard products and aims to change a perspective towards beardsmen. In their own words, their mission is “to make men awesome”.

Eric has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, sales, and design.

He first launched Beardbrand in 2012 as a way to unite beardsmen and build a

The company has now grown into a 7 figure business with over 1.5M subscribers on Youtube.

And today we will be talking about turning your passion into a full-time job, having a bigger brand mission, and building an organic traffic Youtube empire.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:21] From beard care products to developing haircare products with different scents. Eric says they’re the best!
[03:37] Being a passionate creator versus entrepreneurs that see opportunities in the marketplace. Providing value to your audience.
[06:27] Mission-focused rather than a feature-focused marketing strategy.
[07:26] Having a marketing agency doing the job, but the first customer comes from Craigslist.
[09:02] The Shark Tank experience. A boost in sales, but dealing with knockoffs as a result. It’s not a golden ticket!
[11:27] Being number one and everyone else copying your style. Believing that all customers can choose what they want to buy. Competition is always welcome!
[13:07] Proving your marketing strategies only for one month. No six-month contracts for marketing agencies.
[14:53] Bootstrapping, focusing on organic growth, and getting into different shows and podcasts.
[17:36] Paid marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram. Don’t use ad-blocking software! You can get inspiration from other ads.
[19:21] Poor experience with paid marketing. Getting clarity on the difference in marketing to new customers and current customers.
[20:20] Email campaigns and how to make them work.
[23:07] Organic YouTube content. About 40% of their customers first heard of them through YouTube videos!
[25:14] How accurate is the data from Google Analytics? It’s all about experimentation.
[28:06] YouTube tips. Coming up with new ideas for content and avoiding burnout. It’s all about trying to have some fun!
[32:26] Building relationships through video. Do you have to be the face of your brand? Don’t do the things you don’t enjoy!
[33:59] Combining remarketing strategies with YouTube organic traffic. Utilizing the people who’ve already shown intent.
[36:39] Mistakes in having the wrong strategy. Bringing everything in-house and keeping the brand intact.
[42:32] Being a “nice” manager, having an imperfect hiring process, and growing teams. Working with business partners that lift each other up is crucial!
[46:21] You have to act! Start doing things and figure out your own path.

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