"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 2

Jennifer Harvey - Growing Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Business with Word to Mouth Advertising

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Today, we will be interviewing - Jennifer Harvey

She is a CEO of Chic Sparrow, a largest manufacturer of handmade leather notebooks in North America. 

She and her husband started it 6 years ago with humble beginnings, with the first products created right on their kitchen table. 

Now they’re creating over 20 well paying jobs for working parents, stay at home moms, hearing impaired and making a real impact on the North Americas market.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:01] How Jennifer started. An act of kindness straight into a business!
[06:40] Not compromising on quality and taking pride in the work that you do.
[07:58] The power of organic growth and the move to advertising to get new clients. She had 80% of returning customers!
[11:15] Creating videos to answer common questions. Some online platforms are just not made for your business.
[13:22] Focusing on digital marketing due to a lack of a big enough marketing in her local area.
[14:39] Reactions to adding features and changing materials on her products and moving to standard sizes from customized orders.
[18:36] The benefits of being the CEO of a company – you can do the things you want!
[20:38] Being involved in the business of growing people. She learned sign language for her first employee!
[25:37] Helping your employees during the pandemic, even to the point of cutting down your savings to provide for them.
[28:07] Getting out of your own way, being organized, and taking breaks.
[31:56] The joy of getting your hands dirty and being able to communicate the right message.
[35:24] The pandemic closing things down since March.
[36:37] Regrets with not adapting the Lean methodology and advertising a lot earlier.
[38:48] The value of journaling, spending wisely, and treating your team more important than your products.

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