"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 11

Daniel Rodic - How to Fund eCommerce Growth: Advice From Biggest eCom Investor In the World, Clearbanc

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Today we will be interviewing - Daniel Rodic

He is a Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list member and Head of Market Development in Clearbanc, the biggest eCommerce investor in the world.

In this episode, we will be diving deep into how eCommerce businesses should be funding their growth, covering marketing expenses, and scaling the business to the next level.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[01:28] From selling a Gameboy unit online to becoming a game-changer in the eCommerce space!
[04:41] Testing out new business ideas, figuring out what works in the current market.
[09:40] Bringing his eCommerce skill set to Clearbanc. Revolutionizing the way an online business can raise funds.
[11:42] The three types of funding. How does Clearbanc's financing model work?
[16:04] What type of businesses qualify for funding at Clearbanc? What are the key criteria they look out for?
[19:16] The average time to get a capital advance at Clearbanc. It's incredibly fast!
[20:17] When is equity investment useful? What type of businesses should consider outside funding?
[23:49] Financing your business internally through subscriptions or pre-sale reservations.
[26:25] How can you bring cash upfront? It's all about your strategy.
[30:15] How to make the most out of the funding you get? How to look tactically at your different marketing channels?
[34:30] The advantage of running a lean operation in your eCommerce business.
[36:27] Exploring some overlooked areas to invest within your business.

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