"Built to Scale" eCommerce Show Episode 1

Justinas Gecevicius - Differences Between 6, 7 and 8-Figures eCommerce Stores

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Today, we will be interviewing - Justinas Gecevicius

He is a Co-founder of AdKings Agency, fanatic of numbers and planning. His super-skill is to dive deep into any topic and find the solutions even out of the toughest situations.

Today we’ll be talking about the things that differentiate the average 5, 6, 7-figure store vs. the one that has reached or has potential to reach the 8-figures mark.

And he is the best person to talk about this topic, because he is the person that evaluates each new lead that comes to us and makes sure we’re a good fit as partners.

Timeline & What You're Going to Learn:

[02:25] Making clients happy and getting the best possible results.
[04:20] Having a passion for business development.
[07:38] Determining the potential of a new client. You don’t just work with everyone!
[10:07] Looking at the quantitive side. Know your numbers!
[12:07] Qualitative aspects. What characteristics do you look for in a potential client?
[16:21] General trends that small eCommerce stores should be aiming for. Get your notebooks out!
[19:52] The importance of being adaptable to any situation in the business.
[21:57] Changing small details in the business. Reducing shipping costs by just $1 makes a huge difference!
[28:04] Differences of 5, 6, and 7-figure with 8-figure businesses.
[32:48] Trusting the partners you select. It’s crucial to optimize processes when you can!
[35:42] How can you develop a good mindset? Know when to reinvent the business and understand where you are.
[39:26] Struggles that larger businesses have with their smaller counterparts.  Look at KPI’s instead of involving yourself in the operations.
[44:58] Growing together with clients. Putting in extra effort to try new solutions.
[50:32] Knowing when you need to hire. Don’t count yourself the cost of the business when you’re small.

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