We’re A-level challengers pursuing limitless growth, self-improvement & seeking to create an impact in the world.

If you love autonomy, taking ownership, crushing the challenges, growing as a person, and working on market-leading 7 & 8-figure eCommerce projects - our boutique A-players environment is the place for you!

What is it like to be part of us?

Glassdoor Doesn't Lie

"My experience with AdKings Agency was amazing!"

Former Employee - Facebook Ad Buyer

I worked at AdKings Agency and I was really amazed by how organized & detail-oriented the founders are. I have learned a lot about e-commerce which is their area of expertise. What I really loved about the owners is that they face new challenges with ease and they always tend to put their clients first! I've seen them manage, scale & optimize clients to 8 figures without a problem ! The team culture is also great, we shared a lot of knowledge together and we even had calls specifically to share the golden nuggets that each one of us found during the week. Read More...

"Amazing opportunity for growth - both for personal & business life"

Current Contractor - Senior eCommerce Growth Expert

I'm having a great time working at Adkings Agency mainly because the company values align so closely with my own core values. The work is challenging but in a good way and Justin & Darius are guiding the team very well in this ever-changing industry. Because of the company values it seems like the agency attracts similar minded people and despite the team being from all over the world we seem to have quite a bit in common. Read More...

"Awesome place to work at, great team culture"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee

I’m currently working at AdKings Agency full time, and one of the best things I enjoy is driven and supportive management. They actually care about their people, put their well-being as a priority and are always looking for new ways to improve themselves and a business. It’s quite refreshing to see CEO’s that ask for criticism and feedback on things in agency and their actions. They listen to your opinion and allow you to make important decisions. Read More...

"A life-changing opportunity!"

Former Employee - Facebook Ad Buyer


- Support & guidance from founders that truly care - Work with high quality e-commerce brands - Acquire abundant e-commerce knowledge - Belong to a culture that inspires success


I think Adkings has a great company culture. I can't highlight any issues. Read more...

"Excellent On Many Levels"

Former Employee - Senior E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Although I haven't worked at AdKings agency for a long period of time, I believe, I got to know the ins and outs pretty well. I would say that this agency has a truly high standard of operations, their know-how is something that is not something you can find on YouTube in a matter of few clicks and the team is made up of hard working, honest, responsible and great people. Inside the company, employees have a lot of freedom to complete tasks in the way convenient to them, the management is supportive, has a lot of experience in Read more...

Ready for a ride with us?

Available Positions

Senior Hiring Manager (onboarding ASAP!)

At AdKings, we understand, that people are our most important asset and we want to hang out with the best. Your mission will be not only to find those people but also to make sure that the A-level team is happy, engaged, and growing.

Operations Manager (onboarding ASAP!)

Looking for a stellar project manager to be the bridge between the back-end and front-end of the company, making sure that all the internal processes are in place, smooth, efficient, and done on time.

Senior eCommerce Growth Specialist (hiring now!)

Are you a rock star Facebook media buyer ready for the next challenge? AdKings Agency is looking for a Senior eCommerce Growth Expert
with a primal focus on Facebook Advertising. You will manage a portfolio of 7 & 8-figure eCommerce clients with the main goal to scale Facebook ads and maximize clients' ROI with an omnichannel strategy.

Senior B2B Marketing Specialist / CMO (hiring now!)

We are seeking a self-driven, natural-born marketing & salesperson with a passion for Digital Advertising to lead marketing initiatives, attracting 7, 8, and (preferably!) 9 figure clients and partnerships. If this challenge excites you, our industry-leading eCommerce Growth Agency is the place to be!

Senior PPC Manager (hiring now!)

Your superpower is leveraging the power of search engines like Google to help businesses reach potential customers at the right time and place with ads? We need you as a KEY member in our fast-growing remote team.

WEB developer, part-time, 15-25h/week (hiring now!)

Want to facilitate the discovery of higher converting UX variants through various experiments and tests? Apply now!

Creative Project Manager (hiring now!)

Are you a creative, yet structured unicorn, ready for a new challenge in the eCommerce space?AdKings Agency is looking for a Creative Project Specialist! We’re actively growing and looking to onboard A-level players.

CRO Specialist for eCommerce Projects (hiring now!)

If you have a great understanding of how traffic and audiences are built online, and what it takes to incrementally drive improvements to UX and CRO for online sales, one of the market-leading eCommerce marketing agencies is looking for you.

Video Editor (project-based freelance opportunity)

Experienced in Video Ads? AdKings Agency is looking for a kick-ass Video Editor to create videos for our clients' massive growth. If you are passionate about digital marketing and know, how to create videos that sell, we need you!

Want to join us, but the position is not available?

Contact Us & Get in Line.

Sometimes we do not have an available position that you're looking for, but what you can do is send us an email to hiring@adkings.agency and we will put you in line to be informed about our next hiring round.

This is AdKings Agency.

Our Core 6 Values and DNA.

Limitless Growth

We're all believers that the way of life is neverending growth. Whatever that would be personal growth, skill growth, or client business growth. The day you stop growing - you start dying. This is why, as a team, we're investing a lot of time in self-improvement and skill growth.

Extreme Ownership

We don't believe in micromanagement, but in creating the right environment and collecting people who hold themselves accountable. In our team, it's expected that if you see a problem, you solve it, or if you have a roadblock, you figure out a way to go around it.

Commitment to Clients Success

Each member is expected to be highly committed to seeing our client's businesses succeed and treat them as if it would be their own. This means doing whatever is necessary at that moment and making decisions that put the client's business longterm wellbeing first.

Impact 360°

With our work and knowledge, we strive to create an impact on people's lives. Whatever those would be: entrepreneurs fulfilling their biggest dreams, workplaces we create by scaling businesses, or hundreds of thousands of consumers we touch.

Next Level Team Experience

We work hard, but play just as hard! We strive to create an environment and team culture where everybody feels as if long lost "growth" brothers and sisters. You can regularly see us doing challenges like Wim Hof Breathing or having all-paid-for-you team retreats in exotic countries full of adventures.

Team of Only A-level Players

There is a saying that you become who you spend the most time with. This is why we are creating a place where only A-level talent exists. An environment where this talent can shine, play, learn from each other, and grow further — thus creating a next-level impact in our client's businesses.