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How We’ve Scaled a Clients Store From $4 800 to $14 000 in Daily Revenue In Just 8 Days. Facebook Ads Meets Everest eCommerce Growth Framework™


The ones of you that know us better can tell that we're all about two things:

- One is having top-quality talent in the industry.

- Another is having clear, high-level frameworks and structures that allow us to get repeatable and consistent results for our eCommerce partners.

And in this case, it was precisely our Everest eCommerce Growth Framework that allowed us to reach a breakthrough point for this client of ours.

They were stuck at Facebook Ads Ad Spends of $ 1 700/day – $2 100/day for close to a year.

And the reason why they were not able to scale more because their ROAS would drop too steeply and they would lose profitability.

It's a typical case that a lot of clients that come to us face.

They are at the levels where they are spending $500 to $4 000/day, but can't scale up their Facebook Ads campaigns due to ROAS suddenly dropping too hard.

Does this sound like you?

Then read on.

Breakthrough Points

What they need is what we call a breakthrough point.

It's a tipping point after a big or small change to the funnel, offers, sales strategy, product, or new ad-buying framework that has a substantial impact on the results.

In our experience in 90% of the cases It does not come from ad manager activities or just "managing" the ads, but either from conversion rate optimization, right email flows, landing pages, funnel revamps, upsells, new offers etc.

And often, you can have about 2-4 of these breakthroughs points a year that allows your business revenues to jump up by at least +40-200%.

That is if you know what you're doing and are actively working on it.

For us, it's precisely our Everest eCommerce Growth Framework and planning what we call "radical tests" (our AdKings internal concept of the tests that challenge the status quo of the current business marketing and merchandising ways) that allows us to start hitting these breakthrough points consistently.

Why It's Hard to Reach Breakthrough Points?

There are a few biggest challenges towards reaching these breakthrough points.

First one is people's inability to cope with repeated failures.

A lot of people give up after 4-5 failed "radical tests" in a row to make an impact.

The thing is, "radical tests" have a little success chance and take a lot of time to implement.

There are resource-hungry, and a typical eCommerce business owner does not have enough time to implement these.

Often it takes good 10-20 tries before you hit the gold.

For this client we've tested over 14 "radical tests" before nailing a few winners:
- Quiz funnel
- Pre-sale advertorials
- 3rd party Facebook pages to run ads from
- Influencer pages to run ads from
- 3rd party review articles acting as an initial touchpoint with the brand
- 2 New offers
- 1 New mega-bundle
- 3 Different landing page designs
- 8 CRO tests
- 6 Completely new different creatives angles

In total, we had 14 "radical tests" in a row and a few other tests failing till we hit 4 of them that made it all worth it.

It's normal to fail a lot here; after all, you are looking for something that could completely change your business.

Most importantly, it's all about testing a lot of things quickly.

Winning Tests for This Client

In this case, it wasn't just one thing that made all the impact, but a combination of different channels activities, just like we teach in Everest eCommerce Growth Framework:

- Completely new sales video angle in Facebook Ads leveraging storytelling and cause instead of a direct sales approach.

- New and improved landing page design.
- 2 CRO Tests that drastically boosted conversion rate.

And after all these things clicked and all CRO test winners were implemented, it's what allowed us to jump from, in average $4 800 in daily revenue straight to $14 000+ a day in just 8 days using Facebook Ads.

And all that while increasing the ROAS by 11%.

Without this synchronization, it would be nearly impossible to achieve these results by just working on Facebook Ads or just working on the funnel itself.

It's a joint effort!

Just like eCommerce business results is not the activity of a separate channels, but a joint effort of them all.

I hope you find this valuable!

- Darius, Co-founder at AdKings Agency

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