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Scaling eCommerce Facebook Ads - Creative is the King & Our 5 Step Process in Creating Cold Video Ads That Engage, Educate, Seduce, and Convert.


The most important, but often overlooked part of the whole “scaling” pie of Facebook Ads is creative. Often people focus too much on the tactics and strategies of how the algorithm works, how to structure ad accounts etc.

They are important but do not forget the fact that it’s the real, living people who are buying your products at the backend. And the only reason why they might click on the video and have any interest in purchasing the product is because of the creative that you are presenting to them.

You can do all the magic of leveraging the algorithm, AI, etc. But if people do not want to click the ad, they will not.

This also correlates with our experience.

Whenever we want to scale up the Facebook Ads account, the success of it depends on having quality creatives, especially when you want to go over $5k-$10k per day revenue marks.

Up to this point, you can often do well with 1 or 2 creatives. Still, if you want to scale the ads to the next bottleneck of $20k per day revenue, you will require constant flow of the creatives that can captivate attention, educate, seduce people into visiting the website and facilitate conversions.

Why is it so?

It’s because of the same creative; the same angle will work only on a small segment of potential buyers.

As you are scaling, you will start hitting the same people with the same ad and the same message if it didn’t pique their interest, if it didn’t resonate with their problems and desires the first 2-3 times they have seen the ad. It’s 99% likely that they will not click on the ad if they see it 4-6 times.

But the magic starts to happen; then, you have different angles in the videos and videos looking differently. Some people will resonate with one sales angle and other groups with another sales angle.

It opens up the audience and possibilities of scaling.

Our 5 Step Process in Creating Cold Video Ads That Engage, Educate, Seduce, and Convert.

Now, let’s talk about the method that we have created to create killer creatives for our eCommerce partners.

Some of the additions that we added to this process over the last half a year enabled huge breakthroughs. We have seen crazy results where Cold Ads ROAS can jump from 1.8 to 2.8 just by taking already existing partners creative and re-editing it with the right keywords, right brand tone, and with the right messaging.

Step 1: Know your avatars

The first step is laying the groundwork and understanding the target customers. When starting to work with our partners, we usually prep ~20 pages report on competitors positioning, target customers avatars, their needs, wants, pain points, fears, language, and keywords they use. We think of this document as a core document that will lead the majority of the campaigns and creatives angles in the future.

Our analysis process almost always starts with doing an in-depth analysis of competitors, what ads and angles are already working for them.

For that we use Facebook Ads Library and often put the most emphasis on the ads competitors are running for the longest time. In 99% of the time, these are the most successful and profitable ads for them.

We analyze the formats, dimensions of the ads, length of the videos, content, and color schemes they use.

Then we go more in-depth into their website, check on what USPs are they positioning themselves, and what pain points they are already addressing.

After we have an understanding of what the competitors are about and what is working for them, we dig deeper.

We go straight to the Amazon reviews section and start reading through reviews for similar products.

You would be amazed how much golden info you can pull out of there. For use cases of your products. Backstories why people are buying these products, their previous experiences with other brands, their pain points, and what they like about certain products vs. what they do not.

In the next step, we are going and taking a look at Reddit’s and forum on these topics related to target products.

This means reading and scraping (collecting written text info using bots) the info off of these sites and feeding it into Sentimental Analysis AI Engine and Word Could Analysis Engines.

Out of these, we pull out the keywords that people target group uses the most. This helps then we are writing the video ads copies and need to connect with the target audience. From our experience, just changing some of the words in the ads to match the exact words that the target audience is using then talking with pears, can result in Cold Ads performance jumping significantly.

The final step is out of all this info is to create matrixes and avatars of target customers.

Step 2: Finalize the creative angles and keywords

In step 2, out of all the collected info, we have to create an actionable strategy to implement. Usually, for each of the avatars we have created, we try to develop at least 3 different angles, with varying points of paint, situations, and keywords set and phrases to use.

Let me give you a short example of a cosmetics product:

Avatar: “Fancy Lily”, 21-35, likes clubbing, posh things, luxury, always wears full make-up, and buys only brand name products.

Angle 1 – Having to run to the toilet in the middle of the date to fix up their smearing make up. (Situational Shame-Based Angle).

Keywords – Racoon Eyes, Allergy, Watery Eyes, Shame, Felt Like a Loser.

Angle 2 – Looking the best out of all the other girls, being asked where she got things (Competition and Popularity Angle).

Keywords – Glam, Fancy, Holy Grail, Others Have Been Amazed, My Girls Wanted It Too.

Angle 3 – Tired of experiencing pain of allergies, red and watery eyes from your cosmetics? You deserve to look and feel great with safe for your product line! (USP Pain Avoidance Angle)

Keywords – Watery Eyes, Allergies, Red Eyes, Pain and Itching, It‘s Possible to Look Good and Feel Good.

Step 3: Collect diverse video content

Now we fall on the other topic that frustrates a lot of eCommerce owners. How do we get the material needed to create incredible videos?

The answer is simple. We divide the video content into 4 parts of our clients.

1. Professional Video Shoots. For our partners, we recommend doing at least one to four professional video shoots a month.

2. Customers User Generated Content. To collect this one, we simply use email flows and automatically follow up with the customers for a short review.

3. Influencer Generated Content. Working with influencers to bring in a wider variety of content.

4. Stock Footage. This one can be great to find super eye catchy footage for those first 3 seconds of the video ad where you need to catch all the attention you can.

Step 4: Create 3+ videos of the same angle

Now we usually create at least a few variants of the videos with the same angle. Plus, preferably at least 3 different versions of each of the videos with the first 3s different to catch attention.

It helps to make sure it’s not the editing at fault if something is not working.

Step 5: Test it off, collect data, grade the angle, repeat

Now the last step is to simply test it off, collect the data put the grade on angle based on how well it works for a specific account, and proceed with further testing.

I hope you have enjoyed this content!

- Darius, Co-founder at AdKings Agency

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