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A Crushing A/B Test That Lifted eCommerce Conversion Rate by +41%.


+41% lift in conversion rate, that’s how much of a difference one A/B test can make.

Knowing the numbers of this partner, this difference in conversion rate would allow us to add $2000-$4000 in daily ad spend on Facebook and to maintain the same ROAS as they currently have.

That would result in adding about plus $5 000 to $8 000 in daily revenue or plus $150 000 to $240 000 monthly revenue.

Now - does this make you a believer in conversion rate optimization? Because that’s precisely how combining it with Facebook Ads can make 1 + 1 become 3.

Now getting back to the actual test we did…

Most likely, you think it was some crazily massive change to the website that brought such a difference.

Not really.

You see, often magic with conversion rate optimization that the devil is in the details and ingenuity.

In this case, it was an idea provided by our CRO Lead, which has worked with world’s biggest brands like Vodafone, Starbucks, Citi Bank, Sainsbury’s etc.

And his experience there certainly paid off.

The test on itself was changing a regular photo of a product into a GIF image showcasing 2 color options of the product.

It was that simple, but I haven’t seen it done for the main product image in any other store, if I see GIF image, it’s always in the description part that people have to scroll to.


The experiment has served 5000+ sessions in the period of an experiment from 12th to 15th of November.

The conversion rate for the default variant is 4.05%, and the conversion rate for the test variant is 5.71%, which is 41% more than the default variant with the statistical significance of 95%, which is enough to validate that the test works.

And the reason why it worked was because of the three reasons:

1. It catches attention and stops the bounce. We have seen about -26% drop in bounce rate.

2. It makes the brand seem more “hip and trendy,” which is attractive to the target segment of this audience.

3. People would not need to scroll down the page to see the different colors or click buttons. This is proven by ATC button that’s located at the top of the page use, which increased by about 14%.


Darius, Co-founder at AdKings Agency

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