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Viral Giveaway Campaigns Which Resulted in 28 000+ Emails List and Huge BFCM Remarketing Audience


The mantra of digital advertising is always to be trying something new; something outside of the "box."

And this is one of these tests that we had run in preparation of BFCM in hopes of building up our partner's email lists and collecting the audience to retarget during the BFCM period.

In just a month, we have managed to collect around 28 000 emails and additional 18 000 Instagram Followers to 4 of our clients whom we were running this experiment.

These viral campaigns were based on people sign-in to win "mega-prizes" — for example, $1000 Gift Card or a Year' Worth Supply of Hobby Equipment.

Then after they sign-up, using social engineering, immediate discounts, and $5-$10 gift cards, we would push these people to follow the brand's social accounts, comment on the ads and directly invite their friends to collect more points to unlock rewards mentioned before.

We were pushing the initial traffic to these giveaways via already existing customers and Facebook Ads.

What is interesting that the first days we have started the Facebook Ads campaigns, we were getting emails for $0.15-$0.20 a pop, but nobody was converting.

No sales were happening.

So, we took action, started to experiment, and one of the tests was to change the optimization goal in the Facebook algorithm to optimize for conversion, and not the leads.

At this moment, the lead price has doubled, but still, no sales were happening. At least immediately.

But after a few days, what we noticed was a massive spike in remarketing ROAS across all the accounts. We are talking like +50-80% ROAS increase in remarketing.

Noticing this, we have quickly put the ends together. After all, there were no other significant changes that could have impacted these results.

We have started to scale up the remarketing and we have managed to double the ad spend on remarketing side while maintaining these increased ROAS!

Summing up the full giveaway funnel we were making about the same as we would be running regular cold conversion campaigns + we were getting huge freebies!

  • Hot email list of potential buyers!
  • A retargeting audience that would convert during Black Friday!
  • Now we are waiting for Black Friday to cash it out <3

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