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Small Trick to Boost Up eCommerce Email Campaigns Revenue by +40-50%.


We all know the feeling, then you send out the email campaign with a fantastic offer or a new product launch, but results are worse than expected.

What are the most often cases for this happening?

It’s either the offer is terrible, or people haven’t opened the email.

Due to the way we’re managing things with our eCommerce clients (running Facebook Ads to maximize new customer acquisition scale and making huge profits through emails and omnichannel strategies), it’s vital to maximize “free” email revenue from each campaign we send.

And there is a one-trick that consistently enables us to get an additional 40-50% of revenue from the email campaign we send.

It’s called the Auto Resend option.

The majority of email providers have it.

What it does it automatically resends the same email after 24h (or whatever you set it at) only to the people who haven’t opened the last one.

This helps to prevent spamming of the audience but targets people who haven’t seen the last email.

This works because often people do not see one email or another because they received too many emails at the same time, or they close the notification because they were out with the friends, and forget about it never to be opened again.

We consistently see this neat, little trick add an additional 40-50% open rate.

For example, regular email campaigns get 34% open rate; with a second resend, we get an additional ~30% of people people who haven't opened before to open the same email.

The combined open rate suddenly becomes 50-55%.

This works exceptionally well if you’re only sending 1-2 email campaigns a week, albeit we’ve seen it working even with clients who’re seeing emails every day, you have to change it to the 4-12h window. Sending one email in the morning, and auto-resending in the evening.

I hope this was helpful!

Thank you for reading!

- Darius Kunca, Co-founder at AdKings Agency

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